Want to Keep Your Employees? You Better Go on Offense!

In a previous blog, I mentioned that one of my pet peeves is the “Prevent Defense” many football teams play at the end of games.  Teams are so worried about giving up the big play that they concede big-time yardage in smaller increments.  The end result is often worse than it would have been if the team had “manned up” and played with confidence.

This is also prevalent in business. And it has been ruining our economy.

The good news is that some leaders are catching on.

Many businesses were formed during the recession, some to take advantage of opportunities and many out of necessity to make a living. Several leaders of older companies have also determined that Plato was right after all, and that “Necessity is the mother of invention”. They decided to avoid the definition of insanity and try creative ways to get things done.

NOBODY grows up dreaming of playing the prevent defense. It’s weak. It’s based on fear. And it doesn’t work.

Hope sells. Being a part of something bigger than ourselves inspires. It empowers and engages people, especially your employees.  Who would YOU want to work for? A company who sells hope or one that has already cut to the bone and is waiting for the economy to get better before being hopeful again?

Right Management released the results of its engagement study, which showed that a startling 84% of the employees surveyed plan to look for new jobs in 2011. Why? They don’t trust or have confidence in management.

You see, when many leaders were busy carving up their companies in self-preservation mode, they thought the knife was the only tool at their disposal. Tools like communication, building relationships and having a positive, yet realistic attitude were ignored. Employees who remained were told that they were lucky to be employed (which is true to a point). On the flipside, management was lucky that they were still there. Unfortunately, employees were taken advantage of in many cases. The bad taste has not subsided and many will jump ship.

Turnover is really expensive and the cost many companies will pay for losing key employees will be their existence.

We’ve built our business on helping businesses to GROW – whether it is through helping them acquire additional businesses or organically.

It’s a new game out there. Will you play to win?


About Brian Williamson

I work with salespeople and leaders to get better results by taking a character-based approach. That means Executing by helping others Execute their priorities. I'm also the founder of Testimony & Tunes (www.testimonyandtunes.com) where everyday people share lessons learned through faith, and artists can share tunes that reflect their faith.

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